sorry this is super long

so my account got suspended yesterday?

alright so if you all didn’t already know my account was just unsuspended literally 10 hours ago.  here’s what happened.

So around 8 last night i started blogging and suddenly tumblr wouldn’t let me reblog anything so i thought i got post limit. I made a post to see if that was the case but instead of saying i had exceeded the daily post limit it said that it was an ‘invalid tumblelog’ (whatever that means)

I started panicking because i thought i had gotten hacked or something. i went on my blog and i saw this:

at this point i was freaking out. i googled to see if anyone else had this happen to them before and lots of people said it had; in fact it meant that their account had gotten suspended. Wondering what I did wrong, i checked my tumblr email and tumblr support had sent me this:


We recently determined that you have registered, but aren’t using, an unusually large number of Tumblr blog URLs. As you know, URL hoarding is against Tumblr’s Community Guidelines (, as it’s important for URLs to be available equally to all of Tumblr’s users.

Because of this policy violation, we have suspended access to your primary blog. Please release all saved and unused URLs from your Tumblr account(s) so we can restore your access.

We won’t consider posting or reblogging material to your saved URLs after receiving this notice as a valid “use.” In addition, please do not move URLs to other accounts or create new accounts for these URLs.

We apologize for the inconvenience. It’s very important that URL real estate be available for the beneficial and fair use of all Tumblr community members,and we appreciate your help in making sure that happens.”


Basically I had to delete all my saved urls in order to get my blog back, then email them back saying I had done it. Wow i probably had to delete around 40 unused blogs which was hell but worth getting my account back. 

Conclusion? I’m guessing someone reported me because for the past few days I was posting on the tags ‘saved urls’ and ‘urls’ as I was trying to get rid of some. So everyone, please be careful! I’ve heard many stories about people getting their account suspended for saving too many urls, but i never thought it would happen to me firsthand. I ended up transferring some of the urls that I refused to unsave as new urls for my active sideblogs (like not hoarding them but actually using them? if that makes sense) 

yeah i know this is really long but if anyone actually read through the entire thing blessss

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